What's the Story Behind the Logo?

I'm joining Jenny K's fun linky that will let you know the story behind many of the logos you see on blogs and TpT.

Here is the story behind Expressive Monkey's logo.

When I was in art college at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design), one of the teachers would always say, "you can teach a monkey to draw".  Meaning, drawing is just a skill; anyone can learn to draw.  Which, by itself, is something to keep in mind.  Just keep practicing, and you will get better at drawing.  But the implied message in "you can teach a monkey to draw", is that we should not just be concerned with technique and accuracy, that comes with practice and motor skill.  The real challenge is to put some thought into drawing and express and idea or emotion.  

My goal with Expressive Monkey's drawing sheets is to make drawing, fun, to teach drawing skills, but to also make the young artist think while they are drawing.  Most drawing sheets offer lots of drawing choices, so that the artist is forced to think and make choices about what kind of a drawing they would like to make.  I also like to encourage young artists to express an idea or emotion and tell the story behind their drawing.  

If you are curious about the story behind some of the others logos, here is Jenny K's post.


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