Teaching the Artistic Process

 I recently had a chance to meet with some Hilliard teachers to talk about my Op Art lessons.  While in the Norwich Art Room I could help but notice how wonderful all the signs that Jamie made were.  She's been teaching in this room for less than a year and has really created a wonderful space! 

Students can use the drawing spinner to get drawing ideas.  The magnet spinner is put on top of a metal pie tin.  The paper with ideas can be changed out for more ideas and other uses. (Such as critique questions.)  You can get some critique questions here.

Jamie is developing a choice-based classroom and this is the paint studio.

She gives students lots to think about with her hand-made posters.

The artistic process in the Norwich Art Room is:

Students attach an artist's statement to their work and turn it in to be graded in the 
Finishing Studio.

The cabinet have illustrated signs on them.  Yes, those are sponges hung up to dry!  
What a great saying:
Draw light until you've got it right!

Another wonderful idea is the Beautiful OOPS paper box!

That's Jamie checking her laminated schedule, which is attached to her name badge.  
What art teachers DO to keep organized ...
We can learn a lot from each other!! 

I hope you've enjoyed the peek into the Norwich Art Room.
You can catch up with them on Twitter as @norwichART


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