How Do You Get Students to be Reflective?

Getting students to reflect and self-assess can be tricky.  Sometimes "less is more".

In the first sample, students rate themselves by coloring in the smiley faces using two different criteria.  In Expressive Monkey's Rubric Kit, you can edit this rubric to use your choice of criteria.  You could even get students' input about what criteria would be best to assess.  Once students have assessed themselves, they are asked to write a short explanation about what they thought they achieved that level of performance.

When the assessment tool looks less intimidating, students are more likely to use it and give you good information.  

In the second example, students are asked to explain what they did best and what they still need to work on.  There is also a small name label under the rubric.  You can edit the name of the project on the label and have students fill out their own names.

The third assessment is very similar to the previous one, however, the questions are editable.  There is a sample of this assessment in Ppt along with some suggestions for questions that would work.

Students will write learning goals in the last sample assessment.  Students will need to write the learning goals before beginning each step of the project.  After finishing each step of the project, they will assess how they did.

These sheets can be used to make each level of performance clear to students.

You can read some ideas about how to use these sheets in my post about Getting Students Involved in Assessment.

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