Robot Art Lesson Ideas

3 Robot Art Lesson Ideas - Robot Project Ideas - Drawing a Robot - Making a 3D Robot

Robots are such a great theme for an art lesson!  Students can let their imaginations go wild while thinking of all kinds of tasks that the robots can perform.  Robots also offer a chance to practice a few different lesson objectives, as the examples below will demonstrate.

Students used Robot Drawing Pages from Expressive Monkey as inspiration for these robot drawings.  In the finished examples below, you will see that students had a chance to practice some shading techniques with white chalk and graphite. 

I visited Alton Darby Elementary and their art teacher Mrs. Bowers recently.  Here are some examples of their 3D robots.  Students brought in boxes and containers from home.  Naturally, students used lots of problem solving to construct these adorable robots.  As you can see in the picture, students also included a label telling about what their robot can do along with the robot's name. 

Another project that was going on in the Alton Darby classroom is this awesome collaborative robot.  

If you want some drawing help with Rockets and Robots, take a look at Expressive Monkey's How to Draw Rockets and Robots.


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