Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

3 simple ways to make a snowflake drawing project.  Step by step instructions for an easy winter activity for kids.  Snowflakes are also a great way to integrate art, math and science! #wintercrafts #snowflakedrawing #artlesson #snowflakeart
3 simple ways to make a snowflake drawing project.  I'll show you step by step instructions for an easy winter activity for kids.  Snowflakes are also a great way to integrate art, math, and science! 

This metallic snowflake drawing lesson is easy to do and fun for kids!  See step by step how I made this snowflake and use it for your next winter activity. #metalicmarkers #artlesson #snowflakes #snowflakecraft

For this snowflake, I used Crayola Metallic Markers on black paper (Faber Castell).

Draw with pencil first.  You can get some snowflake ideas from my Snowflake Drawing Lesson.
Next, I went over the lines of the drawing with a silver marker. Crayola Gell Markers would work for this as well, but I preferred the look of the metallic markers.

I filled in the snowflake with a green metallic marker and outlined the snowflake with a purple metallic marker.  

This painted snowflake is just one of 3 ideas for projects in this blog post.  Snowflakes are easy to draw , fun for kids and a great way to integrate art, math and science.  See step by step how to draw and paint a snowflake for your next winter craft activity.  #paintingactivity #artlessons #snowflakediy #snowflakeactivity

For these snowflakes, you can work on colored construction paper or painted paper.  I painted 90# drawing paper with liquid watercolors.  Pan watercolors would work, too, and students could paint stripes of different colors as an option.

I added a new page to the Snowflake Drawing Lesson.  These little start shapes (30 of them) can be cut apart and given to students to use like mini protracters.  They can mark 6 little dots, then connect the lines of the dots to make the arms of a snowflake.  I got tired of just guessing and found this to be a great time saver.  Especially if you don't want to teach them how to use a protractor. 

After making the arms of the snowflake, use the Snowflake Drawing Lesson to pick out shapes to repeat around the edges.  There is even a Roll & Draw page to make this even more fun for students.

I painted with white tempera paint using a combination of a brush and a Q-tip.  The brush (pointed) works best for getting the points of a triangle.  The Q-tip works best for round shapes.

See a video of the painted snowflake in this Instagram Story.

The final step was outlining with a colored marker.  This doesn't have to be a permanent marker since no other wet media will be added. Students could select a contrasting color or a color that matches the background.

This color wheel snowflake is the perfect way to teach about color and also have a little fun with a winter activity.  See step by step how to draw a snowflake and use markers to blend the colors into a beautiful color spectrum.  #colorwheel #snowflakedrawing #artlessons #winterdrawing
This snowflake was made with washable markers on 90# drawing paper.  Water was added to make the colors bleed together.

First, draw the snowflake design in pencil.  The page you see with the shape ideas is part of the Snowflake Drawing Lesson.  
I went over the snowflake design 3 times with washable colored markers (Crayola).  

Then use plain water to wet the area with plain water.  Make sure to get the marker wet too, not just the white of the paper.

See a video in this Instagram Story.

You can find the Snowflake Drawing Lesson on my website and also in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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