Are You Stuck At Home?

Are you looking for art lessons for kids to do at home?  Here are some at home art lessons that your kids will love! Some that could involve the whole family in making art at home.

Here are a few ideas to keep your little artists busy while doing distance learning or homeschooling.
While you are working with your kids or students, if you have the need for art lessons, please consider some of the lessons offered by Expressive Monkey. I created this website to help art teachers and “art-challenged” teachers (like parents) with art lessons with a focus on teaching drawing and giving students lots of creative choices. Lessons can also be found on the Teachers Pay Teachers’ website so I will give both links for and my Teachers Pay Teachers' store.

Here is a collection of FREE and paid resources that would work well for doing some art at home.

I created a set of 14 activities that utilize the home environment as part of many of the lessons. For example, collecting texture rubbings, looking outside a window, or tracing found objects from around the house. Each idea is condensed to one page of instructions (with pictures) and one page to work on.

If you'd like to just try out 3 of the lessons you'll find 3 of the easier lessons in a set of

Say thank you to TEACHERS, First Responders, Healthcare workers, Grocery store clerks, or anyone else that has helped you during this difficult time with this collaborative banner.
There are 36 pieces that can be made by a family or other group to send to a person or group of people. The banner can be assembled with just a glue stick and hung with tape.
What I love most about this banner is that there are spots to write personal messages inside each heart.

You can find the Thank You Collaborative Banner on my website or in my TpT Store.

If you are feeling a little down in the dumps, one way to help your kids (and yourself) feel better is to create a gratitude tree.  Just find an empty wall or door.  Create a trunk and then use this resource to make the colorful leaves.  The trunk could be cut from a brown grocery bag, wrapping paper, or whatever you have on hand. If you want to see some examples of Gratitude Trees, take a look at this blog post.  The very first example at the top of the post shows how small you could make them!   
Share your Gratitude Tree on social media and be sure to tag Expressive Monkey! 
You can the Gratitude Story and Project on my website or in my TpT Store

This is the first in a new series of lessons. (I will have more like it in the future.) It's designed for younger artists (preschool - 2nd grade). The kids will draw their choice of a face on the animals, color the animal picture, then either trace over the name of the animal (preschool - k) or write about the animal (1st - 2nd grade).

This is a collection or Roll & Draw pages that would be fun and easy to use at home. The nice thing about using the Roll & Draw pages is that they can be used over and over with different results each time. You can leave them as pencil drawing or outline with markers and color in with crayons. (Or use whatever art supplies you have on hand.)

If you want to try out some FREE Roll & Draw lessons here are a few you might like:

I hope you can turn art time at home into a memorable experience with your children or students!

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Are you looking for art lessons for kids to do at home?  Here are some at home art lessons that your kids will love! Some that could involve the whole family in making art at home.


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