Do Class Rewards Make You Cringe?

Students love earning a class reward and it can be a fun way to keep them motivated. Here are some easy ideas for your elementary art room!

Make giving out a class reward easier on yourself!

Students love earning a class reward, and it can be a fun way to keep them motivated. There are hundreds of ways to track student behavior, whether it's a sticker chart, paper paint blobs on a paper pallet, or just tallies in your book.

Try to make it attainable for all classes to get at least one class reward. Giving them an easy win towards the beginning of the year will provide them with the hope that they can earn another class reward a little later in the year (that is a little harder to achieve).

Have specific criteria for earning points towards the reward each day, like keeping the letters ART on the board for a certain number of classes. (Letters get taken away and earned back throughout the class.) Let students know in advance how many points it will take to get the reward. Here are 3 ideas for class rewards that won't make you crazy! The class could vote on which one they'd like to earn. Or maybe there's a different one offered for each grading period.

1) Free Draw Day

Set out a collection of drawing books or Roll & Draw Animals from Expressive Monkey. Maybe do a directed drawing at the beginning of class to get them started.

2) Have a Dance Break

Students get a few minutes to dance at the end of class and as they line up. Maybe even teach them the steps to a line-dance!

3) Watch an Art Movie

Here are some favorites:

    The Way Things Go -  Here is a preview

    Bob Ross & play Bob Ross Bingo!

    Between the Folds - 
Here's a preview

Here are a few bonus ideas:

Coloring Day - Provide some coloring pages for students.

Music Day - Listen to a pre-selected soundtrack of popular songs.

Pay Dough Day - Play with air dry clay.

Pick Your Own Seat Day

Stinky Feet Day - Take shoes off during art.

If you don't want to do the reward for the entire class time, then set a time limit like, "Free Draw for 15 minutes".

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