What's Your Resolution?


Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas that are focused on your wellness. I hope they encourage you to be kind to yourself and give them a try, eve

During the winter months, things can get a little dreary. Especially if you are working at home or are socially distancing from friends.
Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas that are focused on your wellness. I hope they encourage you to be kind to yourself and give them a try, even for a few months ... until summer comes along.

1) Stay in touch with family & friends better. 

Make some kind of contact once a week (or whatever goal you set). Here are some ideas for ways to stay in touch even when you are apart.
  • Send a card for no reason.
  • Text them something you like about them or an emoji.
  • Mail a handmade note, card, or baked good.
  • Send them a little surprise with Amazon. (A set of markers or pens, chocolate, or fun food, etc.)
  • Post a fun meme on their Facebook profile.
  • Record a 10 sec. video saying, “Hi” and send it to them.

2) Find something that gives you joy & do more of it. 

Dig out that box of supplies you stashed away and make a little time each week!
  • Reading
  • Painting
  • Listening to music or playing music
  • Drawing
  • Crocheting or knitting
  • Woodworking
  • Decorating
  • Skiing
  • Walking
  • Taking pictures
  • Coloring
Coloring can be really relaxing. I’m working on a set of water coloring pages. You can get a free sample here. Just let me know if you like it and if you think I should make more. Maybe even share a picture of your finished coloring page. I would love that!

3) Talk about your feelings more. 

(Good & bad.) Learn how to turn your feelings into an “I statement”. You can learn more about what an “I statement” is with this blog post. If you have kids at home, this will be a wonderful way to model talking about your feelings. Encourage your kids and students to talk about their feelings when they are young so that they can have healthier relationships later.

For negative feelings, it can be really therapeutic to talk about even little things that are bugging you. Let the person who is listening know that you don’t expect them to fix your problems, just be there to listen. If you don’t have someone to listen to, write them down, talk to a pet, or record them on your phone. Just going through the process of expressing yourself and naming the problem is the first step to feeling better. Using “I statements” helps your own the problem (or at least the part of the problem you can control) and might even help you move past those feelings and think of some kind of action you can take. Remind yourself that “this too will pass” and brighter days are ahead.

A little side story. When I was pregnant and in art school, I was feeling pretty sick and always tired (as if art school wasn’t hard enough). One of my teachers said to me, “this too will pass”. It really stuck with me all these years. We can get through almost anything if you take it one day at a time and remember that nothing lasts forever.

If you are interested in writing New Year's resolutions with your students (using SMART goals), here is a fun resource:
Rockin’ New Year’s Elves

What will be your New Year’s resolution? Share it in the comments and let’s encourage each other to find more happiness in the new year!


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