What's the Story Behind the Logo?

I'm joining Jenny K's fun linky that will let you know the story behind many of the logos you see on blogs and TpT.

Here is the story behind Expressive Monkey's logo.

Glass Magnets

I'm putting this activity together for the Old Hilliardfest as a free activity sponsored by the Hilliard Arts Council.  Here are the steps to make these beautiful glass magnets.  

The Visual Structure of Sketchnotes

Before you start sketchnote taking, it's important to think about which visual structure you will use.  Each structure has advantages and will work best for different kinds of information. 

The Visual Structure of Sketchnotes - Flowing Structure for Sketchnotes
The flowing structure works best for a sequence of events, functioning like a timeline.
The flowing structure also works for information that branches out like the branches of a tree. 
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