Do You Hate to Grade Art?

Even if you never learn to LOVE grading and assessing art.  It helps if you can make it more meaningful to both you and the students.  Here are three goals that might help you out with your resolutions in the art room.

Here are 3 resolutions to get started off right this year!

Teaching Online?

If you are feeling burnt out of online teaching or dread the thought of another lockdown, here are 3 ideas for keeping your student’s attention while teaching online.

May I Have Your Attention?

Art teachers, are you looking for some fun new "Call & Response" attention getters in the art room?  I've compiled a list of some of my favorites from here and there.

Here's a list of "Call & Response" attention-getters.

What's Your Resolution?


Here are some New Year’s Resolution ideas that are focused on your wellness. I hope they encourage you to be kind to yourself and give them a try, eve
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